Gino Castaño

Co-founder Gino Castano creates bold architectural gestures using a mixture of materials and colors that evoke a sense of drama and luxury.  Using an extensive network of resources and artisans around the globe, he is relentless in his search for the right stone, the perfect chair, that unusual piece of art.  Gino brings passion, energy, wit, and a unique vision to each project.  

An avid explorer, Gino divided his childhood between Hollywood, Colombia, and Mexico, and continues to travel extensively.  

After earning a dual degree in International Relations and Spanish Literature at Syracuse University, Gino began his professional life inside Hollywood's movie studios.  A chance opportunity to renovate an actress' residence led to his career in design and worked for Mary McDonald. During his tenure at Cheryl Rowley Design and BAMO, Gino led such projects as the Sofitel Los Angeles, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, and the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles.    



"Even though my references are from all over the world," says Gino, "I always start my design process locally.  I want my designs to have a strong sense of history and place and to resonate with the people who live and work there."  

David Lasker

Co-founder David Lasker brings nearly two decades of experience in interior architecture, planning, and design to Paletteur. His background ranges from the groundup construction of modern high-rise residences to the renovation of historic luxury hotels. With projects in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, David contributes a global perspective to his designs. After earning his architecture degree at the University of Southern California, David began his career at Scrafano Architects in Los Angeles and Martin Design in San Francisco. More recently, he spent eight years at BAMO as Senior Project Designer, leading national and international projects. Born and raised in Napa Valley, David fell in love with architecture at the age of five, and has channeled his love of fine arts, design, and architecture into his professional career.


“Good design,” says David, “is not just about aesthetics. It’s about combining beauty with function and usability to create a seamless and memorable experience for people. That’s what I try to achieve for all my clients.”